Al-Mtsaalh Haal

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Al-Mtsaalh Haal (The Trucial Case) is a project by the performance artist CHOKRA (Conscious Hoarding of Kinetic Rage Associated) that integrates negotiable research in an executable performance investigating CHOKRA’s own origin of the Trucial States.

At the Watermill Center, CHOKRA has researched, examined, experimented, composed and constructed an open rehearsal of Al-Mtsaalh Haal which he will perform at 5pm on December 18, 2010. Al-Mtsaalh Haal shall be facilitated with a live and electronic apparatus that features an assimilated composition of digital and analog sound, programmed video, real time algorithmic animations and multiple projections. CHOKRA’s open rehearsal for Al-Mtsaalh Haal will also configure in a historical collapse, with multilingual rap rhyme sequences conducted in Quranic Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and English; transnational costume; and a consuming dispersal of original accouterments, including saturated pigment, scent, crude oil, pyromaniac emissions, spices and powdered chilies.