Performing With YOU

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Resident artist Jayoung Chung, in collaboration with Nixon Beltran, performer, dancer and The Watermill Center Manager, will present Performing with YOU – a 40 minute multimedia work, combining dance, sound, drawing and text. A conversation and reception with the artist will follow the performance.

About Jayoung Chung

Jayoung Chung is a multi-media artist from South Korea: primarily a visual artist, but also a musician, animator, filmmaker and storyteller. She has had numerous exhibits and installations utilizing nearly every form of media, including performance, film, computer graphics, sound and movement. Her work has been exhibited worldwide in both solo and group shows. In New York, she has shown at such institutions as the IAC Building, the La Mama Gallery, Glasslands Gallery, The Red Room, Culturehub and Issue Project Room. She also participated in the globally renowned “River to River Festival” in 2012. She has exhibited at the New Media Festival, Seoul Arts Center, and HCI Design Conference in Korea, and the Dot Mov Festival in Sapporo, Japan, to name but a few. In addition, her work appears in the permanent collections of the Korean Film Archive. In 2013, she was the Moving Image Director at the Special Olympics Winter Games Opening Ceremony.

Although Jayoung majored in visual arts, she learned to play three Korean traditional instruments in her childhood, so her body has remembered those unique sounds as well as the physical motions involved in creating them. She incorporates the music she composes and performs with sounds of nature to create her visuals via the technology of sound processing programs she has personally developed. Throughout her work, there is harmony between traditional arts and contemporary technology.