Royce Weatherly | Looking Slowly: 30 Years of Painting

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Project Description

Looking Slowly: 30 Years of Painting | Royce Weatherly
ON VIEW August 13 – December 1, 2017 by appointment only

Over the course of three decades Weatherly has produced just a few dozen works, some taking up to three years to complete. Looking Slowly: 30 Years of Painting includes 15 paintings, as well as photographs that span 1995 to the present, and highlights the evolution of what’s become the artist’s signature practice – a meticulous observation of the intersection of light, space, and “object-ness.” Modest in scale, typically measuring no more than 16 inches on any dimension, Weatherly examines subtle subject matter common to his North Carolina upbringing – cigarette wrappers, lighters, potatoes, black walnuts and lard – that’s always clearly and scrupulously presented to the viewer without comment or narrative suggestion.

About Royce Weatherly

Royce Weatherly (b. 1957) is an American painter from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A 2015 Guggenheim Grant recipient, Weatherly received his BA from Wake Forest University (1980), and MFA from the University of Wisconsin/Madison (1984). Over the past three decades, he has developed a profoundly simple and yet deeply enigmatic painting style that combines his peculiar Vermeer-like still lives with an eerie quietude devoid of narrative symbolism.

This exhibition is open by appointment only, or during public programs at The Watermill Center, including tours, In Process events, and Artists’ Table.

Looking Slowly is curated by Noah Khoshbin and Daneyal Mahmood.