Theater, Puppetry
United States

Wakka Wakka Productions is an award-winning theatre company based in New York City. They have created and produced six original works of innovative visual theatre, overlapping in a wide range of styles, incorporating object movement, puppetry, and masks. In 2007, they performed at the National Theatre of Norway in a centennial celebration of the playwright Henrik Ibsen. Their latest production,Fabrik: The Legend of M. Rabinowitz, received a Drama Desk Award Nomination, Unima Citation of Excellence, and Henry Hewes Award Nomination for Puppet Design.

Inspired by scientific events and theories of our time, Baby Universe is an original work using hand-and-rod puppets, robots (The Stephen Hawking 5000), video projection, and animation. It is about the search for answers to the philosophical questions of our existence, as told through the relationship of an isolated woman and her mail order companion, “Baby Universe.” Using science, religion, and the imagination, Baby Universe explores the human relationship to birth, death, the need for companionship, and the fear of isolation.