Applications for the 2019 Watermill Center Artist Residency Program will open March 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018.

Applications for the 2018 Watermill Center International Summer Program are now closed. Applications for the 2019 Summer Program will open November 2018.

photo © Julian Mommert

Applications for the 2018 Watermill Center Artist Residency Program are now closed. Check back here in early 2018 to apply for the 2019 Artist Residency Program.

Residencies are scheduled by mutual agreement between the accepted Resident Artist and Watermill during the following months of 2018:

January – June
September – December

Residencies can be scheduled for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six weeks during the above mentioned fall/spring periods. There are multiple residencies or “clusters” occurring concurrently, alongside educational and community outreach programming that is scheduled throughout residencies. It is integral to Watermill’s programming that artists live and work together with other Artists-in-Residence as well as the local Long Island community.

Admission to the program is by selection only. The Watermill Center uses SlideRoom to gather applications and work samples for its Residency Program. All material must be submitted via the online portal through SlideRoom. There are NO exceptions.

The online application portal will lead you through the various required questions, attachments, and media uploads (work samples). There is a $10 USD fee per proposal that covers the cost of the application portal. Payment is accepted on the SlideRoom website. This fee doesn’t go to The Watermill Center, but is paid directly to SlideRoom.

Step-by-step application instructions are available on the SlideRoom application portal.

A Selection Committee convenes at the end of June to review proposals. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of the artistic quality of the submitted work samples, the strength and originality of the artist’s ideas, and the specificity of the project as it relates to Watermill’s resources.

Artists-in-Residence are required to conduct at least one public performance or event. This often takes the form of an open rehearsal, a screening, or an artist talk. Workshops and other community events are strongly encouraged. Each artist is also encouraged to have an education component to their residency. Watermill staff will work with you to design an educational activity.

The Watermill Center provides local transportation, housing, and workspace as part of the 2018 Artist Residency Program. During the course of the residency, residents are responsible for living expenses such as food, and travel to and from Watermill, and also production expenses such as art materials and supplies, and equipment rentals. Watermill will provide a modest reimbursement to offset these expenses. Additional details will be provided upon acceptance to the program.

If the artist initiates it, The Watermill Center will supply signed letters of support for outside funding and can offer advice for potential funders to underwrite or assist.

(This video was created in 2013. While some aspects of the application process have changed, the majority of the information can be applied to this application process.)

photo © Lindsay Morris

Applications for the 2018 Watermill Center International Summer Program are now closed. Applications for the 2019 Summer Program will open November 2018.

The 2018 Watermill Center International Summer Program will run from July 16 through August 18, 2018.

A selection committee, including Robert Wilson, chooses the Summer Program participants. Participants are selected based on their artistic abilities and objectives, achievements, and creative potential, as well as how they might be served by, and contribute to, the Summer Program at Watermill. Selection is also determined based on the needs of the particular year’s workshops and activities, the need to maintain a diverse group of participants from varying disciplines, countries, and professional and artistic backgrounds, while aiming to ensure a balance between new and returning participants.

Since 2008, the tuition for each International Summer Program participant has been provided in full by the Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation. The Foundation spends approximately $8,000 on each artist, which covers housing, food, local transportation, materials needed for work in the program, and the operating cost of the facility. The Foundation raises these funds through sponsorships from foundations, as well as individual benefactors who support the mission of The Center by joining the Watermill Mentor Program. If you are interested in participating in the Mentor Program by sponsoring an artist, please contact us at +1 (212) 253-7484 or email

Participants are required to pay the costs of their own travel to New York and to The Watermill Center. The Watermill Center does not cover the cost of personal use items, and participants are encouraged to find individual funding, if needed, through scholarships, foundations, and grants.

All participants are lodged in shared rooms either in The Center’s dormitory or in rented summerhouses. Vehicles are provided for transport to and from The Center within the Hamptons area. All participants spend the entire day (from 9am to 10pm, seven days a week) at The Center. All meals are prepared with trained chefs and provided on-site.

For questions about the Summer Program or the application process, please email

For questions about technical problems with the SlideRoom application portal, please email

Admission to the program is by selection only. The Watermill Center uses SlideRoom to gather applications and work samples for its International Summer Program. All material must be submitted via the online portal through SlideRoom. There are NO exceptions.

The application for the 2018 International Summer Program is available online at

The online application portal will lead you through the various required questions, attachments, and media uploads (work samples). There is a $10 USD fee per proposal that covers the cost of the application portal. Payment is accepted on the SlideRoom website. If you are unable to make this payment for any reason, please email us at to explain.

Applications are due by Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.

Step-by-step application instructions are available on the SlideRoom application portal.

All technical questions or issues pertaining to work sample uploads, payment issues, or login problems, please email Any other questions regarding the Summer Program, please email

If you have work samples that are not electronic that you would like to include, please email to determine if the items are appropriate for the application process.

You can expect to hear from the committee by mid-April via email. We know that everyone is eager to make plans, so please know that we do our best to review materials in a timely fashion. Applicants may be contacted for additional information after they have submitted their application. If you have any other questions that are not explained in the application materials, please email

If you are looking for answers to help you complete the application to the 2018 International Summer Program, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don’t find your answer there, please email and we will be happy to help.

Q: What are the program dates?

A: The 2018 International Summer program runs from July 16 through August 18, 2018. First time participants will be asked to arrive one day early in order to acquaint themselves with Watermill. If accepted, you will be required to participate each day during the program for the dates indicated in your availability. We know that some people may have obligations during the summer so please make sure to indicate this on the application, but preference may be given to applicants who can ensure they will be present for the entire duration of the program. Brief time off is planned into the schedule, but is subject to the activities, events and workshops planned.

Q: I am a US citizen and US resident and I don’t have a passport / My US passport is expired.

A: If you are a US citizen and also a US resident, we are able to waive the passport requirement because you are already in the US. However you will be required to furnish some form of legal state identification such as a driver’s license. In this case, please indicate the type of identification in the passport field as well as its number. Include the ID’s date of expiration in the passport expiration field.

Q: I don’t have a passport / My passport is expired and I am waiting for a new one / My passport will arrive after the application deadline / I will wait to see if I am accepted before trying to get a passport.

A: We require that applicants have a passport to avoid difficulties should they be accepted. If you are not able to furnish your passport number at the time of submission, please indicate in the passport number field that you will send it in by email at a later date. However, we will not be able to begin reviewing your application until we have received your valid passport number. Once the acceptance letters are sent out, applicants who are accepted are required to confirm their participation within two weeks of the offer. If you don’t have a passport at that time, you will be blocking a space for another eligible applicant. For this reason, we require applicants to have a valid passport before their application will be reviewed.

Q: I don’t have a credit card / Why must I pay $10 to apply?

A: The $10 fee is required by and goes directly to SlideRoom: Applicant Management, a complete solution to collect, evaluate, and store applications online. The fee does NOT go to The Watermill Center. Applicants lacking a personal credit card have been able to successfully process the application by asking a friend, family member or colleague to help by using their credit card to make the payment online. You can begin the application immediately without paying any fee. The fee is only due when you complete the application and wish to submit it.

Q: My credit card is based on a currency other than US dollars.

A: The SlideRoom portal will accept any major credit card for payment and will convert your local currency into the US dollar equivalent at the time of payment.

Q: As an artist I have a carefully constructed identity / I prefer to use my stage name.

A: We require that applicants furnish their legal details (name, date of birth, etc.) in our application. If you have an artistic name you might indicate that in the nickname field. There are several opportunities to explain your artistic identity within the application’s forms.

Q: I am a multi-disciplinary artist; which of my samples should I send?

A: We want your best work. Sometimes work samples can be of poor quality or misleading. Make sure you submit samples that show off your best work in the best way possible. That doesn’t mean that your material has to look professionally produced, but endeavor to send samples that are easy to understand and visually clear. A good description of the work will also help in our understanding of your submitted material.

Q: I have too much I want to show, how can I choose?

A: Choosing is the hard part, but also intrinsic to the artistic process. Send us your best samples. If you have a website, be sure to include that on the application as we may visit that if we need more information.

Q: I would like to upload or link to media (videos or music) that is longer than 3 minutes.

A: We ask applicants to limit their samples to 3 minutes as we are restricted by how much time we can spend on each application during the review process. With hundreds of applications to evaluate comprised of thousands of media samples we are obliged to limit the material we receive if we are to respond to the applicants within a reasonable timeframe. We encourage you to cut or edit your content into a 3-minute segment to ensure that it be properly reviewed. If your media is longer than 3 minutes there is a risk that it will not be completely evaluated. We know that this restriction is not ideal for everyone and we regret the inconvenience.

Q: I have a text I want to submit that is longer than 5 pages / My portfolio is in PDF format but is longer than 5 pages.

A: As with video and sound files we are limited by the amount of content we are able to review. The PDF option is available so that applicants can offer text or specially formatted material. If you have a long text to submit, please upload it in sections. PDF documents longer than 5 pages will not be reviewed in full. We know that this restriction is not ideal for everyone and we regret the inconvenience.

Q: Can we apply as a group / Our artistic project is a collaboration.

A: Our application process is not designed for group submissions. Each application will be reviewed individually. If you and your collaborator(s) would like to submit multiple unique applications, you are encouraged to do so. Each individual should fill out the application on his/her own and the answers should be personal. Please consider indicating your collaborator/team in the first question of the form “SP Questions” where you are asked to define yourself as an artist or professionally. We cannot guarantee that if one of your group were to be accepted that the other members of your group would also be accepted. If this is something you feel strongly about, please add a note in question 13 of the same form after you indicate your availability for the program, but this may have an impact on your eligibility. The Watermill Center offers a Residency Program in the fall and spring that caters well to group collaborations. Please see our web site for additional information.

Q: Who is typically admitted to the Summer Program?

A: Each year differs, but in general we select a large proportion of performers, dancers, actors and performance artists. We complement the group by inviting a select number of directors, sound designers and composers, set designers and architects, industrial designers, costume designers, lighting designers, dramaturges and writers, carpenters, landscape gardeners, photographers and video makers, stage managers, carpenters, riggers, archivists, and arts administrators.

Q: My work is not presented in English.

A: We accept media samples in any language, but the review panel will be conducted in English. If you are worried about communicating your ideas to the panel you may wish to translate these or a portion of these for submission. Of course, we actively solicit applicants from all over the world and are pleased to see material in different languages, but our capacity to review such material may be limited. That being said, the language of a submission has no bearing on the applicant during review. However, please ensure that all of the form questions are answered in English. Your Resume / CV can also be submitted in your native language, but English is preferred.

Q: I am waiting for some last minute video material to arrive; can I submit it after the deadline?

A: No, all media must be submitted online through the SlideRoom portal by the application deadline. Once the portal is closed no further adjustment of your application will be possible.

Q: I have a lot of material on my website. Can I link to it?

A: We have a section on our forms for you to provide your website information if you so choose. The panel may visit your website should they require further information, but it is not guaranteed, so please ensure that you upload any material you wish to be reviewed directly into the SildeRoom portal in the MEDIA section.

Q: Can I get an extension?

A: Please make sure to submit your application as early as possible, ideally one week before the deadline, so as to avoid any potential problems. We will not extend the deadline.

Q: Where do I upload my letters of recommendation?

A: You don’t. At this time, we are only asking that you indicate the contact information for two individuals who may speak on your behalf. If the panel needs further information about an applicant, they may choose to contact the references provided. So, you are NOT asked to supply any letters of recommendation.

Q: I indicated my availability for an assistantship. If selected for an assistantship, will it limit my access to the program?

A: Yes and no. We are happy that we are able to offer these opportunities in order to offer more access to the program. If you are selected to fill one of these roles, you will be tasked with specific and dedicated responsibilities, which may mean you are not able to participate in every aspect of the program. At the same time, activities during the program are many and no single participant can participate in every aspect of the program. Assistants will be granted unique access to the inner-workings of Watermill, the staff and will also be deeply integrated into the program itself.

Q: What activities are planned this year?

A: The schedule and content of the program are constantly in development as we try to include as many varied and interesting opportunities as possible during the course of the program. Our 2017 program, for example, was comprised of more than 75 unique creative works and activities. Please check out the highlights from previous years.

Q: When will we be notified if we were accepted / When will we find out / When will you tell us / I have to know now!

A: We are hoping to notify all applicants of their eligibility by early spring 2018. We appreciate and respect the need to make summer plans, arrange travel, and/or find funding. We do our best to speed along the review process as much as possible. We will notify all applicants to the program, both those accepted and those denied, at the same time. You will receive regular updates during the review process to let you know about our progress. We appreciate your patience.

Q: I have a different question.

A: Ok! Drop us an email at and we will do our best to help.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to submit your application. With many applicants waiting until the last minute to submit their applications, there can be technical difficulties on the day of the deadline. We don’t want you to miss the ability to submit your application because of this or any other unforeseen issue.

photo © Lovis Ostenrik