The Watermill Center’s diverse and evolving education initiatives cultivate curiosity, wonder and new methods of learning. Participants are provided with the opportunity to engage with our international Artists-in-Residence through multi-disciplinary workshops and studio visits. With an emphasis on the creative process, professionals in their fields lead hands-on activities to inspire confidence through risk-taking and group activities with the local community of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

The Watermill Center’s building, grounds and gardens provide a variety of unique locations for creative learning, while The Watermill Collection – over 8,000 objects ranging from antiquity to contemporary art – acts as a source of inspiration. Through partnerships with the community, participants of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are welcome to learn in this creative environment. Developed with teachers and artists, our programs are tailored for students to create unique and immersive experiences integrating the arts and humanities.

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The Watermill Center’s international roster of Artists-in-Residence engage with students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, inviting students to explore the creative process. Participants encounter new ways of experiencing the world around and within themselves through innovative workshops, relating to the projects our artists are developing while in residence. Past workshops have pulled techniques from theater, dance and movement, costumed performance, circus arts, animation and music as educational tools.

Past workshops include:

April 2017Fifth graders from Sag Harbor Elementary worked with Canadian costume designer and performance artist Lexy Ho Tai to create masks from found materials, culminating in a parade through the woods at The Watermill Center. 

March 2017 | Anton Krause and Celeste Veleda from the multi-national theatre collective P.L.U.T.O. led an improv theater workshop in Spanish and English for new language learners at East Hampton Middle School.

March 2017 | Physical Plastic (UK, Russia, Greece, USA) developed a multi-disciplinary workshop incorporating dance, composition and large-scale performative drawing with 3rd and 4th grades from The Bridgehampton School.  

December 2016Chilean theatre company Cuerpo Indisciplinado worked with Peconic Community School students to create a live stop-motion animation. See the animation video here.

photo © Chloé Bellemère

Student Residencies at The Watermill Center invite teachers and their students to use the unique environment and resources available on-site to develop theatre works, visual arts practices, and research projects.

The Hayground Residency | 2017 – 2018
Inaugurated in 2017, the Hayground Residency welcomes students from the Hayground School for a month-long residency at The Watermill Center. Students ages 11-13 spend time at Watermill developing original works of theatre, gathering material, choreographing scenes and rehearsing performances. The final work is staged for public performances onsite at The Watermill Center and at Peconic Landing in Greenport, NY.

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Creative Retreats at The Watermill Center give teachers the use of our building and grounds to craft a fun-filled day of artistic workshops for their students.

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Art Day at The Watermill Center | 2017
In the Spring of 2017, Springs School collaborated with The Watermill Center and The Anna Mirabai Lytton Foundation to bring the 6th grade students onsite for a creative retreat. The students rotated through several art workshops on The Watermill Center’s grounds. Workshops were led by a team of creative professionals and educators, and included lessons in photography, poetry, song-writing, drawing, weaving, sculpture, video and Maori poi dance, followed by a picnic lunch in our outdoor dining area. Click here to view a video from Art Day 2017.

photo © Springs School

The Watermill Center invites schools to participate in on and off-site visits.  Our custom-designed programs meet the needs and goals of educators and students, and can include tours of the building and grounds, interactions with the collection and library, activities with our Artists-in-Residence and workshops crafted in collaboration with teachers.

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The Dual Language Project started in 2010 as a collaboration between The Watermill Center and the Southampton Intermediate School’s 5th and 6th grade Dual Language students.

The Program brings students and teachers together with professional artists to create original performance works in both English and Spanish. The students learn stories from Spanish-speaking cultures, and create sets and costumes to perform at the school and at The Watermill Center.

Past Events:

2015 – 375: Our story, our history/ Nuestra historia, somos la historia. 2015’s theme commemorated the 375th Anniversary of Southampton with Memoirs in English, poems in Spanish, a song rewritten in Spanish to represent the heritage of our students. The students worked with Southampton Intermediate School Teachers Ellen Martin, Kerry Palumbo, and David Riley; Watermill Teaching Artists Makram Hamdan and Andrea Cote; and Artist-in- Residence Helene Patarot to create a multi-media experience for the audience. Click here to view photos from the event.

2013 – Popo and Ixy. The 5th and 6th grade Dual Language Program, taught by Kerry Palumbo and Ellen Martin, returned for their fourth project with us. With the program founders, Maria Pessino and Makram Hamdan, The students staged a version of the Aztec legend throughout the building and grounds. Click here to view photos from the event.

2012 – Don Quixote. The 6th grade Dual Language Program, taught by Kerry Palumbo and Ellen Martin, returned for their third project with us. With the program founders, Maria Pessino and Makram Hamdan, The students staged a version of Don Quixote throughout the building and grounds. Click here to view photos from the event.

2011 – Call It Courage. 34 students worked with Watermill staff and artists to transform their reading assignment into a dramatic performance throughout the building and site using objects from the collection. Presented in both Spanish and English, this was the first time Watermill worked directly with teachers to realize their curriculum alongside artistic process. Click here to view photos from the event.

2010 – Give It A Voice. The project employed object-based learning and workshops with Artists-in-Residence to produce creative written work.

photo © The Watermill Center

Initiated in the fall of 2013, the Young Artist Residency Project (YARP) is an education initiative at The Watermill Center giving students of The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreation Center, ages 8 – 12, the opportunity to experiment in art practices at The Watermill Center. YARP students engage weekly with international Artists-in- Residence, The Robert Wilson Archive, The Watermill Center Collection and Study Library, building and grounds. Drawing inspiration from The Watermill Center’s mission, YARP focuses on experience through artistic process, creating unique investigations and expanding students’ artistic awareness and developing the artistic self.

The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreation Center was born out of tragedy in 1949, when a house fire killed the untended children of migrant farm workers. The community rallied to find the first, community-based migrant childcare center in the country. The Center continues to serve the less fortunate on the East End and offers an After-School Enrichment Program, a low-cost summer camp, Youth Programs and Adult Development services, such as ESL and GED. It also hosts Head Start for preschoolers from as far away as Montauk and Westhampton.

The Watermill Center’s Education Programs engage students of all ages in the creative process, and are offered free of charge to the community. Your gift will make a lasting impact on future artists, performers, researchers and students who come to The Watermill Center to learn and create.

If you are interested in receiving more information about The Watermill Center’s educational programs, please contact Andrea Cote at