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March 26, 2016 - June 17, 2016
12:00 am - 11:59 pm
The Watermill Center

Exhibition open by appointment only.

POST, a special exhibition by Chilean visual artist Basco Vazko, will open at The Watermill Center in Water Mill, NY, on Saturday, March 26 at 3:00pm. This marks Vazko’s first solo exhibition on the East Coast. Vazko is one of three recipients of the 2016 Inga Maren Otto Fellowship, along with G.T. Pellizzi and Zeinab Shahidi Marnani. Last July, Vazko was also one of the featured artists at the 22nd Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit and Auction.

During his residency at The Watermill Center, Vazko will produce an artist’s newspaper by altering pages of The New York Post collected daily throughout the month of February. These pages will serve as a canvas that will be painted, collaged and transformed in other ways by Vazko to alter the appearance and/or meaning of the original contents. The resulting, one-of-a-kind artist’s newspaper created by Vazko will be the central focus of POST. Each page from POST will also be reproduced as limited edition prints by The Watermill Center and a New York-based printing studio. These prints will be distributed for free to visitors of the exhibition. Editioned high quality prints signed by the artist will also be available in limited quantities.

“The idea is to create a work at The Watermill Center in New York that deals with the present-day activity of creative information, of being informed and informing, a response to the opinions one receives, or the facts that are manufactured by way of Mass Media,” said Vazko. In addition to the altered newspaper, POST will include an indoor mural installation, which will consist of the artist’s work executed directly on interior walls throughout the Center.

Whether or not he is working on the street, in a museum or in a collector’s private residence, Vazko’s scale and subject matter is always changing in a kind of hallucinatory way,” said Watermill curator Noah Khoshbin. “His work is the most psychically interior of all of the artists that work on the streets and the tension of his work is within this interior/exterior territory.” Following his discovery of New York-style graffiti as well as the figurative murals that cover the walls of Santiago, Vazko began painting in the streets in the late 1990s around the age of 14. Using a roller with latex paint—a technique frequently used by South American graffiti painters—he developed a unique style that quickly attracted public attention. In 2009, Vazko was one of the featured artists at the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain’s Born in the Streets, a groundbreaking international exhibition documenting the most important global street artists.

POST was curated by Noah Khoshbin & Daneyal Mahmood.

Click here to view downloadable images of Basco Vazko’s POST

Basco Vazko

In Residence:
February 29, 2016 - March 27, 2016
Visual Art
Basco Vazko was born in Santiago, Chile in 1983. Strongly influenced by South American street artists such as Sao Paulo based Vitche and Os Gemeos, the South American post-punk scene, graffiti and Chilean political muralism. Vazko has been painting in the streets of Santiago since age 14, his early works,... Emerging Chilean visual artist Basco Vazko premieres a new exhibition mirroring his practice of collage-graffiti. The exhibition creates an assemblage by layering new and old artworks in his infamous pop-punk aesthetic. Click here to view images from Basco Vazko’s exhibition opening.Read More

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