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The Young Artists Residency Project (YARP) is an education initiative at The Watermill Center giving students of The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreation Center, ages 8 – 12, the opportunity to experiment in art practices at The Watermill Center.


The Watermill Center has partnered with Head Start Long Island in a series of monthly Family Workshops at The Watermill Center, involving both children and their parents to engage in creative art-making together.


In its inaugural year, Hayground Heroes Residency is an education initiative that welcomes a group of students from the Hayground School for a residency at The Watermill Center.


The Dual Language Project is a multi-year collaboration between The Watermill Center and Southampton Intermediate School’s 5th and 6th grade Dual Language students.

The Watermill Center has diverse and evolving education initiatives that cultivate curiosity, wonder and encounters with the unexpected. Our program’s unique resources include tours, activities, and workshops in and around the extensive collection and grounds. Participants are offered the opportunity to engage with international Artists-in-Residence and guest teaching in multi-disciplinary art forms. With an emphasis on the creative process and a hands-on approach, our workshops inspire confidence through risk-taking and group activities led by professionals in their fields.

The building, grounds and gardens provide a variety of locales and landscapes while The Watermill Center Collection – approximately 5000 objects both contemporary and ancient from all parts of the globe – offers a source of inspiration. Through partnerships with the community and an emphasis on collaboration, participants of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities create in collaborative learning environments. Co-created with teachers and artists, our programs are tailored to meet the needs of each  group to create unique and immersive experiences for students integrating the humanities and inter-disciplinary arts.

If you are interested in learning more information about The Watermill Center’s educational programs, please contact Andrea Cote at