In Residence:
February 23, 2011 - March 6, 2011
United States

During their Watermill residency, People Get Ready will be preparing for their premier of a new piece at the Kitchen in late March 2011. This collective of musicians and dancers will be setting movement scores, choreography, and sound elements within the landscape of their newly finished record. As it will be the first time for the collective to work as an entire group, the spirit of play and circumstance will be alive during the whole residency.

Pulling from Steven Reker’s experience dancing with David Byrne on his most recent world tour and choreographing for Miranda July, PGR is an investigation of cross-discipline synergies. How can we perform a mix cassette tape? Where are the cultural and personal points of intersection between contemporary dance and indie music? Does a common vocabulary exist between these two worlds – can we make one? These are some of the questions that the collective will be trying to answer through the creation of their work at the residency.

The public performance will include a live set of some of the songs from the record as well as some of the performance material developed during the residency. Video work will also be presented as part of the performance.