In Residence:
February 8, 2012 - February 26, 2012
Performance, Visual Arts, Music
Australia, Russia

Award winning theatre makers The Wet Weather Ensemble peel back the paper-thin walls between the everyday and the somewhere else. Consisting of: Ian Sinclair, Moya Thomas, Alicia Osyka, St John Cowcher and Rohan Harnett. They are a mixed bag of writers, singers, puppeteers, visual and electronic artists who work in a collaborative and seriously playful manner. Breakneck text, whimsical imagery and original music build a landscape of the mundane neighboured with the imagined. The urban and the unexpected. Gaining state and national funding the Australian based collective has devised The River Whispered, Us and Them (‘08), A Reptile Dreamed (‘09), The Bearskinner (’10 with The Duckhouse), Red Cross (‘10) and Adam & Eve (‘11). Works in development and currently touring include Snow Queen, The Stationery Pegasus and The Bearskinner.


Fluttering hearts and beating wings, feathered friends and unfulfilled dreams, here a boy is raised by birds and a woman who sings without any words. Inspired by the bizarre true story of a 7-year-old Russian boy who spent his life in a flat filled with caged birds; treated as one of his mother’s pets, he developed avian communication skills such as chirping. The boy was described as suffering from “Mowgli Syndrome”. With devising processes such as automatic writing, puppetry of found/household objects, image and song-making improvisations they will play with four elements of this story: caged environments, avian language, the Mowgli Syndrome, and maternal abuse.