In Residence:
April 23, 2018 - May 23, 2018
Performance, Theatre

ANTIMÉTODO is an artists’ collective set up by Ana Luz Ormazábal in 2012, configured as a space of collaboration between creators who are motivated by the need to generate creative processes focused on scenic experimentation and research.

An anti-method based on explorations that question the artistic formats and academic procedures in order to create particular scenic languages by analyzing the potential of sound as the generator of a particular language, as mise-en-scene. A practice that conceives the dramaturgical work as a sound-weave, the performers as instruments and the design as visual noise, among other premises.

This group, whose chief members are César Erazo, Diana Carvajal, Diego Nawrath, Macarena Rozic, Camila González, Nicole Sazo, Isabel Valencia and Ana Luz Ormazábal, began developing work on 2012, together with other artists who collaborate depending on the needs of each project.

They have developed performances such as, Concierto (2012), Agnetha Kurtz Roca Method (2015) and Ópera (2016), and diverse workshops and masterclasses around Chile.


AL PACINO is a new research of ANTIMÉTODO that explores in the multiple possibilities that emerge when the performers and audience are in relation with a screen. By examining the power of image in cinema we will look into the notion of the “photogenic”, which generates reality around conceptions such as self and identity.

Influenced by Judith Butler’s ideas on the performative self-construction and Gilles Deleuze’s proposal of three varieties of images: the perception-image, the action-image, and the affection-image, a field emerges in which it’s possible to question conceptions around beauty in arts and mass media.

AL PACINO is thought as a provocation: being a movie (millions of images together) a common shared object, can it become an unrepeatable, elusive experience? It is possible to
imagine an image that loses its objective nature?

Inspired by the entrance of cinema in Chile, specifically by the first mute and porn movies, the collective will attempt to hijack the photogenic from movies and re-define it as a dynamic, sonorous, immaterial and obscure notion for the mise-en-scene.

AL PACINO inaugurates its creative phase at The Watermill Center and will continue in Chile in collaboration with Esteban Cerda, Mariela Mignot, Jose Ignacio De Vries, Macarena Rozic, Carmina Infante and Jose Manuel Gatica.

In Process @ The Watermill Center invites the community to engage with our Artists-in-Residence on Saturday afternoons through open rehearsals, workshops, studio visits, lectures or artist talks.

Watermill’s mission is to provide artists and thinkers the opportunity to focus on the development of their work and practice. Artists-in-Residence have gone on to perform at venues and festivals including the New Museum, Roulette, PS122, American Realness, Clocktower Gallery, Performa, Vienna’s Donaufestival, Kampnagel in Hamburg, CPR – Center for Performance Research, and the Baryshnikov Arts Center.

May 12, 2018

photos © Maria Baranova-Suzuki