2017 is the second of three years focused on the topic of Contagion, with this year’s focus being on Change & Contagion. With this theme, we continue our explorations into consciousness, transitions, and human connectedness. We invite participants to interpret Contagion in broad terms. For example, laughter and yawns can be contagious, a fashion trend can spread through society like a virus, the emotional state of an artist can be transmitted to his/her audience via a performance, painting, photograph, etc.

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photo © Lovis Ostenrik

Johan Bark (2017), Theatre Director, Performer, Musician
Oliver Beer (2016, 2017), Sound Artist
Dr. Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern (Steering Committee), Pediatrician and Psychiatrist, Director of the Swiss Brazelton Center and Member of the Boston Change Process Study Group
Peter Burr (2012, 2013, 2016, 2017), Animator and Performance Artist
Alana Casanova-Burgess (2017), Producer, On the Media / WNYC Radio
Ivan Cheng (2014, 2015, 2017), Performance Artist
Dr. Lila Davachi (2017), Associate Professor NYU, Department of Psychology
Dr. Suzanne Dikker (Steering Committee), Research Scientist, NYU Department of Psychology & Utrecht University Institute of Linguistics
Dr. William Fifer (Steering Committee), Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Columbia University
Dr. James C. Frauenthal (2011 – 2016), Applied Mathematician
Dr. Brad  Garton (2017), Professor of  Music/Director, Computer Music Center; Columbia University
Dr. Andrew J. Gerber (Steering Committee), Asst. Professor of Clinical Psychiatry: Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Columbia University
Dr. Jay  Gingrich (2011 – 2017), Sackler Professor and Director of the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology, Columbia University
Denise Hofmann (2017), Composer
Samantha Holmes (2014, 2016, 2017), Visual Artist
Paul Hunter (2016, 2017), Painter
Noah Hutton (2016, 2017), Filmmaker
Justine Kupferman (2014 – 2017), Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University
Dr. Michael Meaney (2017), James McGill Professor Sackler Program for Epigenetics & Psychobiology, McGill University
Dr. Declan Murphy (2016, 2017), Sacker Professor & Director of the Sackler Institute for Translational Neurodevelopment, King’s College 
Dr. Ida Nicolaisen (2017), Senior  Research Fellow, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen University
Dr. Kevin Ochsner (2017), Professor of Psychology, Columbia University
Neil Padukone (2017), Guitarist/Sitarist/Oud, Salsa Masala; Director of New Initiatives, Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment
Diego Reinero (2016, 2017), PhD Student in Social Psychology, NYU
Ilene  Sackler Lefcourt (Steering  Committee), Columbia University, Parent-Infant Program Faculty
Dr. Kathe Sackler (Steering Committee), Board Member, Mortimer D. Sackler, MD Family Foundation
Dr. Carl Schoonover (2014, 2016, 2017), Postdoctoral Fellow, Axel Laboratory, Columbia University
Dr. Anil Seth (2016, 2017), Co-Director, Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex
Benjamin Shack Sackler (2015 – 2017), Musician and Sound Artist
Julia Shack Sackler (2016, 2017), English and non-Fiction writing major at Brown University
Dorian Šilec Petek (2014 – 2017), Theatre Maker & Designer
Carlos Soto (2016, 2017), Director and Designer
Christina Stahr Hunter (2016, 2017), Artist and Scholar
Alice Stern (2017), Actress
Colleen Thomas (2016, 2017), Choreographer and Performing Artist
Dr. Nim Tottenham  (2014, 2015, 2017), Associate Professor of Psychology, Columbia University
Dr. Myrna Weissman  (Steering  Committee), Professor of Psychiatry, Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology, Columbia University, Depression Epidemiologist
Robert Wilson (Steering Committee), Artist and Artistic Director/Founder of The Watermill Center