In Residence:
April 17, 2019 - May 17, 2019
Performance, Theatre
Chile, France

Colectivo Zoológico was born in 2012 from an encounter between young multidisciplinary artists from Chile and France, committed to research and develop new languages in contemporary theatre. The collective is devoted to the creation of scenic experiences through the use of audiovisual technologies. Utilizing live video, projection mapping and sound mixing, among others, Colectivo Zoológico questions spectators and artists about the place of men and women in our late-capitalism society.

Their work as a collective seeks to strengthen theater as a multidisciplinary space. Colectivo Zoológico aims to build relationships with the inhabitants of a city, exploring new territories of art and embracing the encounter of cinema, performance and theater. The group defends with humor and boldness a critical and political vision of theatre.

Laurène Lemaitre, Scenographer & Artistic Director, France
Nicolás Espinoza, Artistic Director, Chile
Pablo Mois, Multimedia Designer, Chile
Juan Pablo Troncoso, Playwright & Performer, Chile
Nicole Waak, Performer, Chile
José Manuel Aguirre, Performer, Chile
Germán Pinilla, Performer, Chile
Paula Pavez, Producer, Chile

photo © Paula Aldunate

Project NORA is an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s House of Dolls, regarding the concept of family developed by Silvia Federici. NORA explores the idea of love and heterosexual marriage in the context of our capitalistic society. Through choreography by performers and technicians, the audience will engage with images and situations that are recorded and projected live.