In Residence:
October 5, 2010 - November 5, 2010
Performance, Installation

Michael Dudeck WITCHDOCTOR is a trans-disciplinary artist and cultural engineer whose work spans multiple media and forms including performance art, video/film, drawing, sculpture, web-projects, publications, text-work and installation. He is currently apprenticing with notable artist and healer(s) AA Bronson and Marina Abramovic and has recently returned from being an Intern at the Institute for Art, Religion and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary in New York and two months as the Shaman-In-Residence for Marina Abramovic’s large scale performance retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. He has performed exhibited lectured and screened video works nationally and internationally including major galleries Pari Nadmi Gallery (Toronto), and John Connelly Presents. Dudeck’s work was featured in the New Museum’s Younger Than Jesus Artist directory (surveying 500 artists below the ages of 33 (Phaidon Press) and was chosen to exhibit in AA Bronson’s notable exhibition AA Bronson’s School for Young Shamans, at John Connelly Presents in New York. Dudeck’s work involves inventing his own religion and presents aspects of that religion in installations, rituals, performances, video works and publications. The premise of his religion is the birth of dualism : humans separate into all male, all-female, homo-normative tribes and eventually war ensues between both parties and the ultimate result is a series of genders, endlessly reproducing into more and more multiplicity. He has created three languages that correspond to various tribes and his next solo exhibition, Amygdala, to be presented at Ace Art in Winnipeg, January, 2011 will present a chronological timeline of the first epochs of this universe. A solo exhibition at Pari Nadimi Gallery in the fall of 2011 will further attempt to document this cosmogony. Dudeck will be undergoing a 6-month artist residency in Jerusalem in early 2011 to study religion further and develop his first publication in the Religion series: THE BOOK OF DEER.


VOWS is a durational residency which hybridizes multiple monastic forms in the creation and execution of new work. For an entire moon cycle (28 days) Dudeck will undergo a vow of silence, and will consume only one meal a day, between 4 and 6pm. He will wake everyday at 8am; begin a series of morning rituals; work on drawings, cartographies, and texts during the day; break for the one meal; and for 3 hours each evening will develop a performance in relation to the drawings and writings created.

Dudeck’s work centers on an invented religion and Queer prehistory, which radically re-imagines the nature of human origins. Humans separate into all male, and all female homo-normative societies, where heterosexuality is reserved only for the purposes of pro-creation.

Currently Dudeck is in the process of designing and building an exhibition which focuses on the female tribe and its war rituals. The residency will be dedicated to creating a vast cosmogony through text, image, and performance wherein he anthropologically examines an invented female warrior culture.

At the end of the residency Dudeck will present the performance with a series of drawings and texts in the gallery. The performance will feature the artist as the multi-breasted AMYGDALA, an empress and War Priestess reciting an ancient text which tells of the massacres the female tribes inflicted on the male tribes during their Schism.