In Residence:
May 15, 2011 - June 3, 2011
Video Art, Installation
Czech Republic

Tereza Velikova is a graduate of Secondary Graphic School in Prague, Academy of Applied Arts, Design and Architecture – Conceptual and Intermedia Art, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She is a founding member of ENTRANCE Gallery in Prague together with T. Severova and B. Zachavalova and has had exhibitions at Pori Art Museum in Finland, Junge Prager Kunstszene in Berlin, Velryba gallery in Prague, Futura in Prague, Blansko City Gallery in Blansko, among others, and has work in the permanent collection of Pori Art Museum in Finland. She comes to Watermill Center especially to gauge non-European perspectives on her work.


Tereza Velikova is interested in the manner in which sound information determines viewers’ perception of the seen fact, i.e. the image. Using audio-visual manipulation to distort the simple line between image and sound lies at the heart of this project. The output will be an autonomous, self-contained work. The project also involves collecting materials and constantly developing video-images and recordings, and processing from them. While in residence at the Watermill Center, Velikova will film new video footage and will use this footage to create new video composites.