As this year, draws to a close, Robert Wilson and all of us at The Watermill Center are taking a moment to reflect. At a time when marginalized voices need our help to defend freedom of expression, we want to thank you, our funders and partners, for your courageous support. Below are a few highlights from our Year-in-Review and all we were able to accomplish in 2017.

More than 450 children participated in our Education Programs.

135  Artists-in-Residence utilized Watermill as a home and laboratory to develop new work.

Artists came from over 40 countries, including Brazil, China, France, Kazakhstan and more.

2 public events featured Inga Maren Otto Fellow, Carrie Mae Weems.

Launched 1 on-site digital research tool, the Library of Inspiration.

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photo © Cean Hayashi Geronimo

Each year artists from across disciplines and backgrounds take up residence at The Center to develop works that critically investigate, challenge and extend the existing norms of artistic practice.

2017 Artist Residency Program highlights include:

22 residencies featuring 41 artists from over 15 countries

8+ karaoke nights at Old Stove Pub

7 In Process events bringing together the local community and our Artists-in-Residence

5 visits to the Shinnecock Indian Nation

3 Inga Maren Otto Fellows: Carlos Bunga, Royce Weatherly and Carrie Mae Weems

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photo © Maria Baranova Suzuki

Each July and August, approximately 100 artists from over 20 countries gather at The Watermill Center on Long Island’s East End. Participants spend five to six weeks in an intense collaborative environment working alongside Robert Wilson and his collaborators.

2017 International Summer Program highlights include:

1,000 pounds of basmati rice

120+ minutes of silence during morning meetings

100 loafs of banana bread

94 young and emerging artists representing 25 countries

9 staging and table workshops with Robert Wilson

5 public lectures on the arts, sciences and humanities

1 impromptu dance party

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photo © Chloe Bellemere

The Watermill Center’s diverse and evolving education initiatives cultivate curiosity, wonder and new methods of learning. With an emphasis on the creative process, professionals in their fields lead hands-on workshops to inspire confidence through risk-taking and group activities with the local youth community.

2017 Education Program highlights include:

450+ students, ages 3 -13, from over 8 local schools

160+ educators participated in 4 Education Roundtables and 3 Professional Development Workshops

20 yards of fabric repurposed for costume making

4 parades through the woods

2 Family Days, featuring workshops in movement and music

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photo © Vipin Kannekanti

Throughout the year we offer exclusive access to The Watermill Center and our Artists-in-Residence through Special Events including the Annual Summer Benefit, semi-annual Patron Trips, and members-only activities.

2017 Special Events highlights include:

1,000+ guests attended FLY INTO THE SUN

900+ community members participated in Discover Watermill Day

139 lots featured in our Annual Summer Auction

110 farm-to-table plates prepared by local chef, Jason Weiner for Artists’ Table

15 invitations offering The Watermill Byrds special access

3 songs performed live by benefit honoree, Laurie Anderson

2 Patron Trips, featuring performances, studio visits and private dinners in Oslo and Berlin

photo © Maria Baranova Suzuki

This year, The Watermill Center focused on digital growth, expanding our presence online with the goal of offering a comprehensive experience of our annual activities.

2017 Personal Growth highlights include:

400,000+ additions to our digital asset catalog

38,000+ likes and 2,000+ new followers on Instagram

300 collective kilometers covered by 60 International Summer Program participants in support of Hope for Depression Research Foundation

270+ new patrons supporting our year-round programming

7 amazing interns

4 new hires, including Claude Grunitzky as the President of the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation

1 new on-site digital research tool, the Library of Inspiration

photo © Lovis Ostenrik


At a time when marginalized voices need our help to defend freedom of expression, we want to thank you, our funders and partners, for your courageous support.

In Bob’s words, “Politics and religion will continue to divide us.  Art is one of the few things that can bring us together.  Watermill is above all else an OPEN DOOR.”

Art unites. Now, we must come together as advocates and as friends. Help us continue to support the next generation of artists and visionaries by making a fully tax-deductible, end-of-year donation today.

photo © Lovis Ostenrik

Each year we turn to you, our allies. Your donation, large or small, to our Annual Fund ensures that our growing family of artists has the time, space, and resources they need to take risks in creativity at The Watermill Center. Please consider making a fully tax-deductible donation today!

$10,000 | Sponsor an Artist!
In 2018, The Watermill Center will host 20 residencies featuring more than 49 artists from over 11 countries.

$7,500 | Sponsor an International Summer Program Participant!
For up to 5 weeks each summer, more than 100 artists from over 30 countries gather at Watermill to create and collaborate under the guidance of Founder and Artistic Director Robert Wilson.

$5,000 | Sponsor an Education Program!
Throughout the school year, The Watermill Center engages educators, students and families through the Young Artist Residency Project (YARP), Head Start Family Workshop, Hayground Student Residency Program and the Dual Language Project.

$2,500 | Sponsor an Exhibition!
Alongside our permanent collection of nearly 8,000 works of art, The Watermill Center presents annual exhibitions of emerging to mid-career artists, including those who participate in our Artist Residency and International Summer Programs.

$1,000 | Sponsor an Artist Installation!
Artists participating in Watermill’s International Summer Program create site-specific installations throughout our campus. Over 2,000 guests experience these works at our Annual Summer Benefit and open house, Discover Watermill Day.

$500 | Sponsor In Process @ The Watermill Center!
Sponsor In Process @ The Watermill Center! While in residence, artists share their unique creative process with the public through open rehearsals, workshops, studio visits, lectures or artist talks.

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The Watermill Center’s unique campus spans over 10 acres, incorporating meditation gardens, a wildflower meadow, terraced grasses and more. Our grounds and gardens are open to the public throughout the year.

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Research and investigation are the heart of our programming. We support this mission through The Watermill Study Library, which serves an international community of artists, professionals and students throughout the year.

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Your donation, large or small, to our Annual Fund allows us to keep over 82% of our programs free and accessible to all.

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