The Annual Art and Science Insights into Consciousness Workshop  is a three-day retreat that is held each summer at The Watermill Center. During this unique retreat, exceptionally merited artists and scientists are brought together in an inspirational setting to foster an interdisciplinary discussion about consciousness. The goal is to enable a reciprocal creative process that will advance both the arts and the sciences, as well as their intersection. The recipe has proven successful with the performance installation/neuroscience experiment Measuring the Magic of the Mutual Gaze, which premiered at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture as part of Marina Abramovic’s retrospective exhibition The Artist is Present (Moscow, 2011).

The 2016-2018 Workshop theme Contagion continues the exploration into consciousness, transitions, and human connectedness. We invite participants to interpret Contagion in broad terms. For example, laughter and yawns can be contagious, a fashion trend can spread through society like a virus, the emotional state of an artist can be transmitted to their audience via a performance, painting, photograph, etc.

*Not open to the public This program is invitation-only.

photo © Lovis Ostenrik

Marina Abramovic
Davide Balliano
Johan Bark
Oliver Beer
Dr. Katherine Bergeron
Khesrau Behroz
Jonah Bokaer
Drazen Bosnjak
Jorg Brinkmann
Dr. Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern
Peter Burr
Dr. Mikhail Burtsev
Alana Casanova-Burgess
Dr. BJ Casey
Ivan Cheng
Dr. Hugo Critchley
Dr. Antonio Damasio
Davide Dornsife
Dr. Hanna Damasio
Dana Dornsife
Dr. Lila Davachi
Dr. Suzanne Dikker
Kate Eberstadt
Hope Esser

Dr. William Fifer
Francesca Fini
Dr. James C. Frauenthal
Dr. Vittorio Gallese, MD
Dr. Brad Garton
Dr. Andrew J. Gerber
Dr. Jay Gingrich
Elizabeth Goldring
Walter Hanna
Dr. Elizabeth Hillman
Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman
Denise Hoffman
Samantha Holmes
Paul Hunter
Dr. Siri Hustvedt
Noah Hutton
Chrissie Iles
Anne Ehrenkranz
Joel Ehrenkranz
Christopher Knowles
Daniel Knox
Dr. Justine Kupferman
Dr. Daniel Levitin
Dr. Ellen Levy

Dr. Karlen Lyons-Ruth
Dr. Scott Makeig
Casilda Madrazo
Dr. Michael Meaney
James McGill
Dr. Catherine Monk
Matt Mullican
Dr. Declan Murphy
Dr. Charles Nelson
Ida Nicolaisen
Dr. Marshall Nirenberg (founder)†
Kevin Oschsner
Brian O’Mahoney
Matthias Oostrik
Neil Padukone
Daria Parkhomenko
Lynsey Peisinger
Otto Piene
Dorian Silec Petek
Bradley Pitts
Matthew Prest
Dr. David Poeppel
Diego Reinero

Dr. Joseph Butch Rovan
Ilene Sackler Lefcourt
Dr. Kathe Sackler
Zachary Schoenhut
Dr. Carl Schoonover
Dr. Anil Seth
Benjamin Shack Sackler
Julia Shack Sackler
Alexander Shulan
Carlos Soto
Christina Stahr
Dr. Daniel Stern (founder)†
Alice Stern
Dr. Tricia Striano
Lee Sunday Evans
Colleen Thomas
Dr. Nim Tottenham
Dr. Colwyn Trevarthen
Jorn Weisbrodt
Dr. Myrna Weissman
Robert Wilson
TJ Witham
Dr. Jason Zevin